The Vicky A girls work hard for the money, just like most of you dear readers probably do.  Sewing shirtwaists is a challenging, rewarding career, except when performance appraisal time comes around.  Performance appraisals are a huge drag, but imagine being Detective Lestrade, having to write Sherlock Holmes’s yearly appraisal.  We imagine it might look something like this.  

Performance Appraisal: Sherlock Holmes

Title: Consulting Detective
Manager: Detective Lestrade
Organization: Scotland Yard

Describe key accomplishments or achievements for the current review period.
Employee has solved at least a dozen cases. Five were deemed “unsolvable” by Scotland Yard, three were old cases that had been closed as unsolved, three were commissioned by the victims or accused, and one we had to just make up to keep him from going crazy.

Performance Factors
Rate employee in each category using A through F and provide supporting comments as necessary.

Technical Ability – A
Employee’s technical ability is second-to-none. His skills in deduction are marvellous.

Interpersonal Skills – F
Employee has no interpersonal skills.

Creativity Initiative – B
Employee lives for his work, constantly seeking out new cases. Rather petulant when not working. Known to ignore cases he does not find sufficiently challenging.

Communication – D
Employee never explains what he’s thinking until the case is solved and the villain is apprehended. Very frustrating.

Organization/Timeliness – C
Employee has a chaotic personal reference library, though he always seems to be able to find things when needed. Employee is timely when interested and tardy (or completely absent) when bored by a case.

Attitude – C
Employee is frequently condescending, rude, and self-absorbed. He has no friends, except for one.