This weekend, Heather and I are faced with an ethical dilemma…Superbowl or Downton Abbey?  Perhaps you find yourself in the same quandary.  Perhaps you are thinking, “Heck no, I don’t care about the stinkin’ Superbowl.”  Perhaps there are other members of your household who are interested in one or the other, putting you in conflict.  The Vicky A’s have the perfect solution – a Superbowl Tea Party – a harmonious blending of scores and scones, overtime and oolong.

Instead of dainty finger sandwiches, please the pigskin fans with something a little more substantial, like these pork sliders from Cooking Light.

Next, instead of fruit or sweet tartlets, try these incredibly delicious (and warning: decadent AND addictive) sausage wonton cups.  Heather makes these every year, and I eat a million.

Finally, for the dessert, it’s go big or go back to Downton Place.  No delicate petits fours here.  This is your one chance for the most ridiculous, indulgent dessert ever to be served on a doily.  Try these oreo cookie brownies from kevinandamanda.com.  These have been all over Pinterest for a long time, and I have no idea who posted the recipe originally, but these guys have a good one.  Be mindful of the cook time, though.  I made these for Superbowl last year and majorly overcooked the cookie trying to get the brownie done through.

Load up your three-tiered tray with these goodies and you might be able to convince the football fans to change over every once in a while to see if Matthew and Mary are still arguing about something stupid.