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Thanks to Life’s infinite variety, I’ve been a bit low these past few weeks. What better to brighten one’s outlook than a day married to Mr. Charles Bingley, he of the FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS A YEEEAH.

You wake up in the morning: “My dear Charles, what shall we do today? Would you like tea?”

The day goes on and wonderful tea is had. “My dear, shall we go riding with your best friend around your ginormous estate?”

“My dear, there’s another ball tonight where we can prance around strangely and forgo all attempts at dignity! Shall we go?”

“My dear, my horrible sister is about to ruin the family’s already somewhat spotty reputation by running off with a ridiculous libertine. Can you call your best friend up and tell him on the sly to deal with it?”

Gosh, you’re adorable.