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Is there anything better on an April Fool’s Monday than a macabre tale by Poe? I didn’t think so either. The game here, Dear Reader, is revenge and the perpetrator-protagonist-anti-hero, so appropriate for a day like today, is a wily and clever Fool by the name of Hop-Frog, a dwarf forced into slavery to serve an abusive King fond of practical jokes. You can imagine where the story might go from here. Indeed, it was thought that this was a form of literary revenge taken by Poe against a jealous woman who stirred up Poe’s personal life with a letter-writing scandal (IS THERE ANY BETTER KIND??). Apparently, Virginia Clemm Poe, on her death-bed, claimed that “Mrs. E[lllet]. had been her murderer.” WOW, folks. 

The above amazing art is by Max Hierro on dA.  I also recommend checking out all the amazing Hop-Frog art that there is on the Internet. I’d post more here but I don’t want to spoil the jesters masterful plan and brilliant execution by showing you the climax. Go on, dear Readers: enjoy the whole story here. You may want to keep the lights on afterwards…and Happy April Fool’s!