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We here at the Vicky A’s love nothing more than a charming tea shop filled with delightful foods and delicious teas. Well, dear Reader, look no further than Miss Minerva’s Tea Shop in historic downtown Culpeper VA. They have an incredible assortment of delicious teas (more than 50 varieties!), from rooibos to tisane, and serve a full menu of delicious afternoon/full tea food items. I especially adore that they serve “Wee Tea” or “Tween Tea” for their younger customers. Get them started early!!


(All photos are taken from their website and are completely representative of the food and atmosphere.)

You can also order their teas by the quarter, half, and full pound.  In a Tea Tuesday in the near future, I will review my personal favorite of their teas, the Cream Earl Grey. It is a must-have in my household and we start to get nervous when we approach the half-pound or below mark.  They also sell tea paraphernalia like tea infusers, tea spoons, jams, and antique tea cups and pots in their gift shop. Pots and cups and other antique curiosities for sale can be found all over the tea room, so I usually find myself walking out with at least one or two things each time I go. Anyone who enjoys good tea will tell you that the collecting of tea items is just as addictive as the tea itself!

We usually take Tea for Two, which on their menu is their full English tea for two people.  They present it on a triple-tiered server with sandwiches on the bottom, scones usually in the middle, with other savouries like puff pastries and veggies on crostini, and desserts on the top, including cookies, cake, and truffles. They also have a cranberry chicken salad served on a croissant that is to die for. All the food and tea is seriously delicious and I usually find myself craving it on sunny weekends when you’re looking for that extra shot of happiness to top off the perfect day.

Another wonderful aspect of the shop is the room in the back filled with hats, gloves, scarves and costume jewelry for people to borrow if they want to be appropriately dressed for the occasion. Many times I’ve seen a family and their children rush to the costume room and emerge wearing gigantic feathered hats and a string of too-long pearls in order to be “ready” for tea! Everyone should dress like a queen for tea!


If you are in VA in the near future by yourself or with family and have a craving for afternoon tea, do stop by Miss Minerva’s. It’ll be the highlight of your day and you’ll be more than happy to skip dinner for the night.