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And now for something completely different: thanks to a certain spectacular Presidents’ birthday on Saturday, Katherine and I had the brilliant idea to dedicate this week to America’s Founding Fathers! Yes, yes, we know it’s not about Victoriana, and that most of these honorable gentlemen died (or were shot in a duel) before the era in question began, but we love our history, darn it, and we feel you should too!

Without further ado, we plan on bombarding you all with articles historical, ridiculous, and Seussical about these daring gents.  We’ll celebrate the life of Thomas Jefferson and ogle photos of the handsome actor (Stephen Dillane) who portrayed him in the John Adams’ miniseries (I have an affection for both men that borders on the unreasonable). We’ll review said miniseries and discuss its importance for the Founding Father’s in modern media. We’ll have a Founding Father-off, and see who wins! We will even go as far as to summarize all of American Revolutionary history with a series of silly gifs.  And of course, expect lots of terrible Declaration of Independence puns.

We hold these truths to be self-evident; that if there is an event of historical importance, we can find a way to make it silly.