Since we love a good anachronism, we asked ourselves, if our Founding Fathers were around today what kind of music would they listen to?  Here’s what we think they might enjoy:

George Washington – Country music or Bruce Springsteen.  Both masculine and patriotic.

Alexander Hamilton – Pop/Rap.  Rap is all about money and sex, so that seems right up Hamilton’s alley.  I can also see him grooving to Justin Timberlake, Future Sex/Love Sounds.  Alex definitely brought sexy back.

John Adams – Adult Contemporary.  John was a bit too Puritanical for anything very edgy.

Thomas Jefferson – Anything French.  Edith Piaf on lazy days, M83 or Phoenix when he wants something peppier.  He would also be into experimental electronica, too.  I am pretty sure he would be a hipster and like lots of weird bands John Adams has never heard of.

Benjamin Franklin – R&B/Soul.  Al Green, Barry White, maybe R. Kelly – can’t you see him grooving to “Let’s Stay Together?”

Patrick Henry – Muse.  Henry would definitely dig the passionate, revolutionary themes of this band’s songs.

Sam Adams – Rage Against the Machine.  Because.