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The Extraordinary Contratpions

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful band pioneered by a extremely talented friend of mine: The Extraordinary Contraptions.  From their own website, “A lawman, a time traveler, a gentleman explorer and a mad genius join forces… To alter the sound of steampunk as we know it! The Extraordinary Contraptions, Atlanta, Georgia’s own steampunk rock band combines superb musicianship with visuals from a time that never was. The rock-and-roll aesthetic meets the steampunk DIY ethic to produce a unique sound and visual sensation.”

I plan to do further posts and hopefully feature in-depth interviews with Professor von Stadberg himself here in the near future. They’re extremely talented musicians and their take on all things musical and Victorian/steampunk is truly fascinating and inspired. Until then, here’s their new video for everyone’s enjoyment: 

Follow them on Facebook here,  peruse their website here, and listen to and purchase their new album, The Time Traveler’s Constant here!

The Time Traveler's Constant cover art