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Cherry blossoms might be the most spectacular of the flowering fruit trees; every spring they burst forth luxurious and delicate pink blooms whose petals float to the ground like rosy snow. There’s something about being caught beneath such a shower, or tiptoeing through an orchard carpeted in a delicate blush, that is captivating. It was this glorious rite of Spring that inspired today’s tea party theme. An elegant blending of East and West, I give you a Cherry Blossom Tea Service. The common thread here will be color – everything is pink!

The tea: Though not exactly pink in color, Vicky suggests a rose-petal based tea. The aroma of roses always make us imagine the color pink, and it keeps with the floral theme.

The tea service starts with a small bowl of mixed berry applesauce. To make this at home, process (in a blender or food-processor) 1 part frozen mixed berries with 3 or 4 parts applesauce. Adjust berry-to-sauce ratio to taste.

As a refeshing, cool beverage, Vicky recommends some kind of pink lemonade. For this particular service, she served this recipe.

For savories, obviously scones are a must. Vicky particularly enjoys Alton Brown’s recipe, and we give detailed baking instructions here.  For the Cherry Blossom service, Vicky would use cranberries and orange zest or cherries and sliced almonds as add-ins to the standard scone dough to keep with the color scheme. Serve with a complementary red-berry jam. You could even add a drop or two of red food coloring to the clotted cream to make that pink as well.

Fresh cut watermelon is an excellent palate cleanser between courses, but make sure to cut it into bite-size cubes. While chowing down on a juicy slice of watermelon is fun, seed-spitting has no place at the tea table. Well, ok, we aren’t really that particular, but let’s keep up some semblance of class here.

Finally, the sweets! For this course, Vicky served Pink Lemonade Cupcakes from Skinnytaste.

The end result is a beautiful and delicious meal that would be perfect for Spring or Summer.