What a weekend!  Thanks to Freshly Pressed, we have seen a dramatic increase in followers over the past couple of days.  Thank you to you all – we are thrilled to have you!  As an introduction to the blog for all of our new readers, we have decided to link back to a few of our favorite posts.

We mainly discuss the Victorian period – art, literature, culture, politics – with a particular focus on modern interpretations and implications and generally with our tongues lodged quite firmly in our cheeks.  We have a keen interest in science and progress, and we love to feature Victorian peculiarities such as tear-catchers and vinegar valentines (one of my personal faves).

We are, however, guilty of indulging our interest in all things historical by covering other eras of history.  We recently had a Colonial Week where we discussed Thomas Jefferson’s taste for wine (sometimes we actually do research!) and voted for the hottest Founding Father (and sometimes we don’t).

We both love literature and have a number of posts on 19th century works.  We’ve spent some time pondering what it might be like to actually be married to some of the great Victorian romantic ideals, like Bingley, Darcy, Knightley, or Count Dracula.  Generally, it’s not as great as it may seem when reading the book. We’ve also reduced great works of literature to silly mad-libs and featured some of our favorite authors.

We also spend a lot of time talking about Victorian hotties.  Lots and lots of time.

And finally, we. love. tea.

Also, this post.

Once again, a warm welcome to our new followers and an even warmer thank you to our existing friends in the blogosphere.  We are so pleased to have found such a friendly community of like minds.  Happy reading!