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See that face?  That is how anxiously I was waiting for Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby to come out.  When I heard that Baz was remaking Gatsby I was psyched, and when I heard that he cast Leo as Gatsby, I could hardly contain my anticipation.  The casting of Leo as Gatsby is inspired, and I loved him in the role.  I also freaking loved his clothes.  Perhaps you, like me, kind of wish your man had a pink linen suit.  Or at least a white suit/silver shirt/gold waistcoat combo.  Well guess what, ladies – all this can be yours (er…his) thanks to Brooks Brothers!

Just tell your beau that real men wear pink.

I seriously wish more men wore bow ties, because it’s pretty much just historians and Bill Nye right now.  And can someone tell me what happened to vests?  Waistcoats were essential male attire for hundreds of years until basically right before I was born.  Oh, cruel fate!

Works best if your name is Adeline.

Ok, you know what, this one is a little too Barbershop Quartet, even for me.  Even the model looks kind of pissed off about this one.  Let’s keep moving.

(Sigh) There it is.  The iconic Gatsby suit, as described by Fitzgerald in the novel.  Brooks Brothers will even sell you the cane and the shoes.  They have everything you need to bring your hopeless, naive dream (of dressing up your beau) to life, just like Gatsby!

What’s that?  You say this beau of yours is less than enthusiastic about this clothing line?  Alright, I think we can find a compromise.  He doesn’t have to wear those clothes if you get to wear this:

For a mere $200,000, Tiffany’s will sell you this replica of the head-piece Carey Mulligan wears in the movie.

In fact, Tiffany’s has a whole “Jazz Age Glamour” line, so how about some earrings to go with?  What’s another $150k when you’re a bootlegger’s dame?

And finally, there’s this.  You know, for casual Friday.


Ok, back to the real world.  To see the whole collection from both retailers, go to Brooks Brothers and Tiffany’s.