Good morning, readers!  It’s another Tea Tuesday here at the Vicky A’s, and this week we’re waking up to my favorite high quality office beverage, Tetley Tea!  Ah, Tetley – provided gratis by my office, you are just the pick me up I need on a day like today.

The aroma is like fresh mowed grass on a hot, humid summer day.  The color,
like dehydrated urine after a dinner of asparagus the night before – what a
delight!  And the taste!  Let’s just call it, “indescribable.”  Nothing can
tantalize the senses quite like a steaming office-issue styrofoam cup of
sweet Tetley tea.  What type of tea is it, you ask?  Green, you inquire?
Black?  Oolong?  Jasmine?  Let’s check the packaging.


Hmm…it just says…tea.  Oh wait, it’s “Select Tea!”  Of course!  That ancient
strain of tea, harvested by baboons on the Himalayan ridges, then sifted
out of their droppings by local villagers, dried on a dirt floor inside a
thatched hut, and finally, sent to a large manufacturing facility in
Connecticut for packaging and distribution.  The experience of drinking it
transports me away from my desk, my uncomfortable “ergonomic” chair, and my eye-straining computer screens to those blustery, snowy ridges.  I feel
like I’m there with those baboons, scooping up their poop, and then
steeping it in hot water to imbibe it.  Ah, refreshing!

Here, I made this for you!

Happy Tuesday to all you office tea-drinkers (and/or poop-throwers) out there!