Where would the dapper gentleman be without his top hat?  Made of wool, fur, or silk, the top hat is a symbol of sophistication, wealth, and power.  Famous top hat-wearers include Rich Uncle Pennybags the Monopoly guy, Uncle Sam, and Abe Lincoln.

The Vicky A’s believe that a top hat is more than just an accessory – it has a transformative power.  The top hat takes any ensemble, person, or unfortunate situation instantly from trashy to classy.  Any hapless schlub can become a gentleman with a top hat, and a tasteless woman morphs into a sophisticated burlesque dancer with the addition of this stylish chapeau.  If you doubt the magic of the top hat, let us provide a few examples.

Poor Amanda Bynes looks disheveled and tired in this courtroom photo, but add a top hat to complement the black ensemble and BAM, she’s one walking-cane (and hair brush) short of a sexy burlesque show!

An un-showered, likely smelly Robert Pattinson is instantly transformed into a dapper gent with a top hat!  He could also use an undershirt, but that’s another post.


Oh boy, how to assist during this train wreck?  Give the gentleman a matching, stripey top hat and his enthusiastic lady friend one as well and it becomes a Beetlejuice burlesque show, based on the popular movie!  Now that is class.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Finally, Charlie Sheen is a man who could use all the help he can get these days, and the addition of a beaver fur top hat makes all the difference here, turning him into a cultured, sophisticated, man about town.  Puttin’ on the ritz, indeed!