True friends always stab you in the front.”

Ouch, this one feels personal.  In other news, has anyone ever seen this statue of Wilde in Dublin?  I can’t tell if I think it’s great or a little freaky.  The stonework and colors are lovely but that expression…it’s like the statue is judging itself.  “Really?  Is this the best you could do?”  It’s kind of too much.  What do you all think?

(EDIT from Heather: I saw this statue when I was in Dublin.  There are lots of statues there of important Irish political and literary figures and the Irish apparently all had cutesy, mildly offensive names for them all.  Molly Malone was the “Tart with the Cart/Heart” and dear Oscar here was called….wait for it….”The Fag on the Crag”. No, I cannot make this up.)