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On this Thursday, a webcomic about science, zombies, and women scientists:

Although not permanently.

(For those of you who do not know xkcd, go here and then take some time to enjoy the genius. My personal favorites include this one about Angular Momentum and romance and this one, which has the best combination of Picasso, Cervantes, and alternative energy that you’ll ever see. He also uses alt-text as we like to occasionally with our images, so don’t forget to mouse over his comics for more!)

But first, go here and learn about Lise Meitner (born 1878 in Vienna, Meitnerium, Element 109, is named in her honor) and here for Emmy Noether (born in 1882 in Bavaria, and “described by Pavel Alexandrov, Albert Einstein, Jean Dieudonné, Hermann Weyl, Norbert Wiener and others as the most important woman in the history of mathematics”).

And don’t forget to avoid the radium.