Ever wonder how the Victorian gentleman picked up a classy Victorian lady while at the local pub?  Here are a few pick-up lines a charming young man might try when meeting a young woman he fancies.

Man to Woman:

That dress is very becoming on you. But then, if I were on you, I would also be highly aroused to the point of paroxysm.

Are you on your way to a fancy dress ball? Because you look like an angel.

Your skin is like alabaster….your leeches must work overtime!

Do I have scarlet fever, or is it you who is making me so delirious?

Have you read Madame Bovary?  Wanna go for a carriage ride?

Your eyes are shining!  Brain fever?

Do you have a sextant?  Because I’m lost in your eyes.

Are you from Andover?  Would you ‘andover your address?

And what if an adventurous Victorian woman happens to see a gentleman she likes?  Perhaps she might use one of these winning lines.

Woman to Man:

If you were a carriage, you’d be a hansom.

I’ve got five thousand pounds a year.

I’m looking for someone to sweep my chimney, and I like the look of your brush.