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Ok, folks.  Lots of crazy stuff is happening in the “19th Century Literature Makes for Good/Popular TV” world. First off, we have my absolute favorite new TV series, Sleepy Hollow (Mondays at 9pm on Fox).  I’ll dedicate an entire post to my new obsession here, but suffice to say, it started out as a hate-watch because I was curious and turned into a true love match.  It’s a perfect blend of humor, camp, procedural, horror, mythology/demonology, history, and buddy cop story. Even better, it has a hugely diverse cast and a super strong WOC as the lead. Also, Orlando Jones. For all the reasons (including that he’s a huge supporter of the fandom, even down to providing fic suggestions and reblogging fanworks).

Meet Ichabod Crane and Lieutenant Abbie Mills. They’re here to save the world.

Also, period clothing. I mean, come on, we can all get down with that, right? Some of you might recognize Tom Mison as the ridiculous Potty Perowne from Parade’s End.  You can seriously forget all about that foppish git and get down with the rest of us Craniacs (yes, that’s what we’re called; the rest of the fandom are called SleepyHeads) with his version of Ichabod Crane. I’ll save the rest of my gushing for another post since we also have to deal with this:

In addition to this modern retelling of Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, we have YET ANOTHER Dracula to preview, this one on NBC starting this Friday. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the titular Count and it certainly looks promising.

Thoughts? After the glitterbomb of Twilight the past few years, I’m desperately hoping for a return to old-school vampire lore to cleanse the pop cultural palate. Here’s hoping this new Dracula doesn’t….suck? (Ahem.)

Aaaanyway, how do you all feel about these new imaginings, dear Readers? Hit the polls and the comments!