Heather: And here we go, people.

K:  Getting pumped!  Time to put the kettle on.

H: Or is this a wine night?

K: Crap, you’re right.  But I want to try my new Pecan Pie Rooibos.  It’s red tea!  Close enough.

H: I’m Bram STOKE(R)D!! (No, really, such a crap joke)

K: I’m feeling rather sanguine myself.

H: UGH, we are the WORST. And by worst, I mean completely awesome.

K:  It’s going to be a long hour.

H: Yeah, it really is. I’m rather enjoying watching the “Revisions” # going steadily up and up. By the by, Grimm seems like a reasonable lead-in.

K: Similar genre, I guess.  I’ve never seen it, though.  Here we go!

H: Whaddup Romania.

K:  Where’s Indiana Jones when you need him?

H: Yeah, he’d be super pissed. I adore the special effects where he gets reanimated. Also appreciate the Vlad spikes.

K: Nothing a little carotid blood or Botox can’t fix.

H: Gotta say, love Lucy’s dress. Totally appropriate.

K: Interesting, sounds like Mina is a scientist or something.

H: Did I just see that guy that ditched Lady Edith at the altar??

K: Yes!  I knew I recognized him.  Also, Lucy’s dress looks like dripping blood.  FORESHADOWING?!

H: I also appreciate the whole house-welcoming line and how they snuck that in. Too bad everyone was already IN the manor house.

K: I like the looks of Mr. Harker.

H: Yeah, he looks competent.  I also appreciate Mina as a medical student. I also think that Rhys Myers is pretty good so far.

K: Tesla name drop!

H: Holla holla Tesla! Did we take note of what year this is supposed to be? Still 1881?

K: 1867, I thought it said.  And now we’re in the Nautilus!

H: So, he’s stealing Tesla’s stuff? How rude! Also, his line delivery of the opera stuff was a little wooden. Is Lady Jane supposed to be a witch or something?

K: Yeah, she must be some sort of supernatural creature if he didn’t “hear her approach.”

H: I wonder in what context we’ll see his wives.  I also appreciate the fact that Renfield a) isn’t a nut (yet) and b) is POC. Dig that.

K: Was just thinking that I dig Renfield so far.

H: Hold up, is Drac being painted as a vigilante against corrupt fat-cats?

K: With a very complicated revenge-plot.  Is this some kind of Wall St allegory?

H: Occupy Transylvania? (SORRY NOT SORRY)

K: Fog?  Check.  Streetlights?  Check.  Lit candles unattended?  Check.

H: Is this our first shot of Van Helsing?

K: Obligatory Jack the Ripper reference?  Check.

H: Nope, THERE’s Van Helsing. So, who is the blonde chick and the dude that looks like Christoph Waltz?

K:  Mmm…I love professors with German accents.  I think they are the “Order of the Dragon,” right?

H: Yeah, guess so. Still think she’s somewhat supernatural. Also LOVE the steam that came off of Drac’s hand when he had it in the light. Fantastic bit there.

H: I also get the sense that he’s trying to be a bit Tony Stark in his nonchalance.

K: We haven’t seen a single bat yet.

K: How realistic is Mina as med student in 18-whatever?

H: Also, let’s do the math on the time period. Ripper killers stopped 7 years past, so we’re in what year?

K: Yeah, that’s a question for you.

H: 1895 it seems. Might Sherlock Holmes show up as well????

K: I’m nick-naming the blonde Boobarella.

H: I’ll go with that. I also waver between being a fan of his accent and thinking that it’s awfully nasal at times.

K: Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about it either.

H: Also, was he fingerblasting her at the opera?! I’m so confused as to their relationship. Do they know of each other? Not know?

K: Not clear to me, either.  She looked a little frightened by him for a minute there.  Does she not yet know that he is the vampire she was talking to Christoph Waltz about?

H: This plot might be clearer without Boobarella. Also, we need more backstory on the Order of the Dragon. It’s familiar to me, but not fresh in my mind.

K: I’m kind of over slow-mo action moves.

H: I was just about to say, I was cracking up a bit at the action scenes jumping the shark there. What is this, The Matrix, 1895? Also, the scene with Boobarella mimicked Elecktra’s training scene in DD a little bit too much for my taste. It just lacks the Evanescence soundtrack.

K: Twist!  Van Helsing and Draco are working together!!

H: Secret Motivations!!! (I admit guiltily that I like this teamup.)

K: I agree about Rhys Meyers wooden-ness.  And that’s not a sexy pun.  I don’t think Dracula seems particularly “charismatic.”

H: He has moments of magnetism with Mina (holla alliteration) but in other moments, it’s very transparent that the people around him are out-acting him (see: Harker, van Helsing, Christoph Waltz).

H: Huh, that was it? Went by fairly quickly! The preview moments for the upcoming season look simultaneously ridiculous and good. I suspect that most of the great moments with Drac will be between him and Renfield and him and Mina. I also want to see how they show van Helsing doing his reverse face-heel turn and teaming up with his mortal enemy.

K: Yeah, the season preview is enticing.  I think it’s worth another couple of weeks.  There’s always gotta be the “exposition” episode.

H: Agreed. What I’m really interested in is this mentor/student relationship between VH and Drac. Is it going to be like, Pinky and the Brain? Are they more equals? One the brains one the brawn? How will that pan out? Will we get to see him be able to be more human thanks to SCIENCE!!!?

Alright, folks. We’re signing off! Thanks for sticking with us! If you watched, what grade do you give the Dracula Pilot?