So, it’s been a couple of weeks since our last Dracula liveblog and some stuff has happened since then. Ummmm…..since we last saw him, Drac went to go get a mani-pedi, because centuries of grave dust can destroy your cuticles…

and Boobarella had to get breast reduction surgery due to back problems.

K: Thank goodness for the “previously.”  I’m sure they can tell me everything important that happened in 1 minute.

H: Booberella seems pretty bad at her job. Also, that is a seriously swank house.

K: At least the action sequence was normal speed.

K:  Hmm, guess I was wrong about the breast reduction.

H: THE HUNTER WAS A WOMAN. OF ALL THINGS! Oh the huge manatee!

H: Also, Dracula got one extra guy to help him with…what exactly? What’s his master plan?

K: Financially ruining this Order of the Dragon?  It seems kind of lame for Dracula.

H: He doesn’t like how they’ve diversified their profiles.

K: He’s probably going to sell them a bunch of sub-prime mortgages.

H: Oh snap! Is he the one responsible for the mortgage crisis and collapse of 2008?? CONSPIRACY!!

H: I still think his American accent is highly suspect.

K: I think it’s ok.  So Drac and Harker are buddies now?  Interesting.

H: It goes between good and extremely nasal. He’s still got a great look and I really love that opening credit sequence.

K: You were right last time- he does have a Tony Stark vibe.

K:  Crap, now we have to change the “X days without an accident” sign!


H: Also, I have to admit I LOVED that shot of him holding her. Gave me a chill.

K: Yeah…this show has really good elements and overall a good concept I think.

H: I definitely think it has potential. It’s kind of a shame that the ratings are in the stinker at the moment…

H: I think one of the problems is that it doesn’t seem to have progressed from the pilot. Dracula Stark is still playing with Tesla wireless and he has some plan to bring down the Fat Cats? Maybe?

K: They seem to be working to develop his relationship with Mina a bit, which is good.  But yeah…I’m not sure we missed anything over the past couple of weeks.

H: Which is a huge problem when you’re starting a new series. What’s his deal with Boobarella? He playing with her? I mean, seriously, just kill her already if you think she’s a threat.

K: I think he was planning to meet her and charm her but changed his mind because of his feelings for Mina?

H: I think they should do more with Harker as his friend. That could be a fascinating dynamic to play on.

H: Also, do NOT get me started on how much I hate the idea of Carrie Underwood as Maria von Trapp.

K:  I KNOW!  Please don’t destroy one of my favorite things, NBC.

H: Wait, you’re an ages-old vampire and you’re talking smack about WITCHCRAFT??

K:  Hmm…how to make Dracula’s heart function again?  <clip to Mina>  METAPHOR!  sort of.

H: The attempt at some kind of dodgy vampire-science intrigues me. How do you make a corpse live?

H: And we have our exact date: 1896.

K: And I LOVE Lucy’s orange outfit.

H: Great clothes. And did we just get an unrequited lesbian love vibe from Lucy??

K: YES!  Was just going to say that.

H: Aaaaand random Victorian Women’s MMA? In mud?

K: (sigh) I think Boobarella is just here to get sex scenes out there early in the series.

H: Yeah, are we getting a pretty obvious/boring vamp whore vs. pure virgin dichotomy with the ladies here. Boobarella likes SEX, VIOLENCE, SEX DURING VIOLENCE. ROCK AND ROLLLLLLLLLLLL. Mina, on the other hand, likes pretty frocks and SCIENCE.

H: Hey, look! People are actually *dying*. Surprisingly rare for a show called DRACULA.

K: I can’t unsee Edith’s schmucky old guy with this actor.

H: Nor can I. And what just happened? Are these dudes supernatural too?

K:  Would be kind of cool if that were Irene Adler.

H: The time period is definitely right. Renfield is still a cool dude. I wouldn’t mind seeing his character develop beyond one season, to see if it delves into madness. Could be a GREAT arc.

K: Yeah, I agree.  He’s so level-headed here.  What makes him go crazy?

H: Bugs? Torn draperies? Having to deal with Drac’s stupid friends coming over all the time?

H: And what is this ridiculous scene. “Terminate” this relationship? Is she firing his sexual services?

K: Wait…did Drac’s plan with Boobs not work?  So he’s giving up and just letting Klaus or whoever take her out?

K: And who is Harker investigating?  Edith’s old man?

H: Yeah, I mean, that was such a poorly written scene.  Something about emotions and power and something else stupid. I could write a better breakup scene than that.

H: I think he is? But maybe it’s this woman?

K OH! I get it now.  This is how Drac earns her trust!  Wow, he sacrificed his “brother” for this?

H: Yeah, that’s pretty good. But yeah, I mean. How long is she going to be swayed by that? And what’s with her special sword? Is she the Bride now from Kill Bill?

H: Gratuitous tub scene!!

K:  I wonder if Drac is going to turn on Renfield at some point.  Ren should be sweating.

K: HA! He just did one for his homies.

H: HA! Yes, I was just about to say, Pour one out for my homie.

H: Also, that “knight” bit was a bit overdone. That dude didn’t show that he was any better than a pawn.

K: That was a good tease for next week, though.

H: Yeah, it looks like you might get your wish about Renfield being driven to madness. Also, more Mina/Drac development.

Alright, that’s it for tonight, folks.  Did you watch Dracula tonight?  What were your thoughts?  Now that Katherine is back from vacation, we’re hoping to do this more regularly.  See you next week!