Oh, Horatio!  We all know Lord Nelson was a majorly kick-ass Naval commander — one of the most revered in English history.  Nelson’s tactical skill and bravery won him many battles at sea, including the well-known Battle of Trafalgar where the combined French and Spanish fleet lost 22 of their 33 ships, and the British lost none of their 27.  But did you know what a stone cold fox he was?

Later in his career, he had a very public affair with a woman who was recognized as the most beautiful woman in England, Emma, Lady Hamilton.  An iconic face in contemporary painting, Emma was passed around by various British elite before meeting and falling in love with Nelson.  Nelson was married and had been for years, but after meeting Emma, he fell in love with her as well.  Problem was, she was already married to another old white dude, Sir William Hamilton, British envoy to Naples.

Emma, by George Romney, 1785

So Nelson loved Emma and Emma loved Nelson, and basically, Sir William was cool with this.  He was so cool, in fact, that the three of them lived together openly in a righteous 18th century menage a trois while Nelson and Emma waited for Sir William to die so they could marry.  He finally kicked it in 1803, but right about the same time Nelson was recalled to sea, and in 1805, he was killed at Trafalgar.  Can someone please make a movie of this?  Because I would definitely pay $13 to see it in 3D.

Oh yeah, and after his death, Lord Nelson became an immortal deity, as shown in this photograph.  He was the man.