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We’re fast approaching the Christmas season (which will have to serve as an excuse for our recent sporadic posting as Katherine and I prepare for family times, travels, and normal holiday insanity) and few things get me into the season like classic Christmas literature. Just the other day I was asked about my favorite Christmas movie and my answer, year after year, remains the same: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

This past Sunday afternoon at the New York Public Library, a magical thing happened: Neil Gaiman showed up to read from this original prompt copy of A Christmas Carol dressed as Dickens himself.  The result, as you can see below, is astonishing (that blue vest looks like a star field on a winter’s night).

He was inspired to do so based on this tumblr post, which showed the uncanny striking resemblance between both authors. He writes: “Inspired by this tumblr post mostly, I’m going to dress as Dickens for the CHRISTMAS CAROL reading tomorrow afternoon at the New York Public Library. Wish me luck.”

Further accounts of his delightful reading appear here and here, with a wonderful set of pictures here. I think it’s an incredible thing to do and am incredibly envious of everyone who was there.  For those of us who could not, Neil recently tweeted an article from the New York Public Library about the performance that contains an audio recording of his reading, here. It’s downloadable, and if you’ve never heard Neil read his own works or those of other authors, I highly, highly recommend it. He has a lovely reading voice and well, you don’t get much better than this particular piece of literature around the holidays.

Neil also reblogged a hilarious comic done by Sean Von Gorman about the truth of his appearance here. I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say, apparently, there can be only ONE!

What say you, Dear Readers? Favorite holiday works, poems, plays?