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Happy New Year!  This year, the Vicky A’s resolve to waste more time thinking about attractive men who have been dead for over a century.  To that end, let’s start the year off right with a Victorian Hottie of the Week.  For our first hottie of the year, we choose the Right Adorable Michael Faraday.  Familiar to you from your high school physics class, Mr. Faraday made a number of crucial discoveries in the field of electromagnetism.  He is certainly one of the most influential scientists of the Victorian era, and his work influenced another of our hotties, James Clerk Maxwell.  In fact, his genius and hotness were so highly regarded that Albert Einstein kept a picture of Faraday on his wall.  If I were Einstein, I’d stare at Faraday all day long while trying to figure out if I could fly backwards around the Earth fast enough to go back in time and take him home to our own personal Faraday love cage, which would, of course, isolate us from all cell phone related interruptions.