Sherlock’s back, ladies and gentleman, and apparently Mycroft took good care of his stuff while he was gone because so are his now-iconic clothes.  What better way to wait out this East Coast polar vortex reboot than wrapped up in Sherlock’s style?  We’ve taken Sherlock’s three most coveted pieces and found attainable and (kind of?) affordable alternatives.  Of course, you could always take a cue from Sherlockology, skip on down to Saville Row, and pick up the real thing, but most of us here in the Colonies would probably prefer an easier option.

First, let’s do the coat.  Ugh, I can’t handle this coat.  


You can get the same look with this gorgeous Ralph Lauren “Wool Officer’s Coat.” Just $1200!  What a…deal?  Ok, so this is a little pricey and you could probably find something cheaper that is still similar, but if you really want to do it right this is the way to go.  The actual coat that Benedict wears on the show, from Belstaff in London, is not much more expensive at 1350 pounds, but it is unfortunately no longer available, so this one will have to do.


Next, the purple shirt of sex.  This shirt has become as legendary as the pecs struggling to burst out of it.  The actual shirt that Benedict wears is Dolce and Gabbana, and it is also no longer available according to Sherlockology.com.  But who wants to pay D&G prices for a shirt they will have to order one size too small and eventually pop a button off of in order to get the look just right?


Luckily for you, Belk has a pretty great looking substitute in this slim fit purple dress shirt.  At only $27, you’ll have enough cash left over to splurge on that Ralph Lauren coat.sherlock1

And finally, the scarf.  Maybe if Sherlock buttoned his coat once in a while, he wouldn’t always need the scarf to keep his neck warm.  This makes me wonder, why is it that every episode of Sherlock occurs in the winter?  Or is it just always cold in London?  

Joseph A. Bank has a tassled cashmere scarf that comes pretty close.  I bet they have a deal going where you can buy 3 shirts, 5 trousers, and 10 scarves and get 2 suit coats half price!


So there you go!  All you need to bring home a little Holmes.  For the real story on Cumberbatch’s costumes, visit www.sherlockogy.com.  Also, check out GQ’s interview with Sherlock costume designer Sarah Arthur here.  I can’t wait for Sunday!  Or Spring!  It’s freezing outside!