Can we talk about this season of Downton Abbey?  We’re up to episode 4 here in the States, and I have to admit, I am underwhelmed.  There just haven’t been a lot of jaw-dropping, holy cow moments.  The biggest thing to happen was poor Anna’s rape, and I don’t exactly enjoy that sort of drama.  Here’s a quick rundown of what I think has been good and what I think hasn’t been so good, and I want to hear what you guys think.

The Good

1.  I am really glad they chose to skip 6 months into the future instead of making us watch Mary sulk for the whole season.  That was a good call.

2.  Edith!  I’m liking her storyline, and the fact that she just secretly went to the doctor means SOMETHING IS UP!  Plus, they have been dressing her beautifully this season.  She’s looking good.

3.  The jazz club and super-smooth jazz singer – bring him back, please!


The Not so Good

1.  I’m kind of sorry they ushered out Edna the maid so quickly.  I was hoping she was already pregnant by someone else and looking for a sugar-daddy or something like that.  That would have been way more interesting.  This whole, “Maybe I’ll go to America!” from Tom is kind of lame.  He and Thomas are the best looking dudes on the show – we can’t lose 50% of the hotties.

2.  Lord Gillingham – Not particularly good-looking, in my opinion.  I think Mary can do better.

3.  They cannot bring back Shirley MacLaine fast enough.  I feel like even Lady Violet’s zingers haven’t been as sharp this season.

4.  Rose – argh, who is this person, and who cares?

5.  Viking Cruiselines – Does everyone else get these ads, or is this a local thing?  I don’t want to go on a European River cruise, PBS!

6.  The Daisy-Ivy-Alfred-Jimmy love quadrilateral is kind of getting old.  I do like Alfred’s cooking storyline, though.

Hmm, I have more bads than goods.  What do you all think?  To those who have already seen the whole season, does it get better?  No specific spoilers though, please!