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My dear ones, forgive the lack of regular posting from yours truly, but between our recent influx of snow and being completely and totally obsessed with the Winter Olympics in Sochi, I’ve fallen a bit behind (I was screaming in my house today at the results of the ice dancing, truly. Anyone else??). Currently, our landscape looks much like the one above, “Early Snow”, painted by American painter John Francis Murphy in 1884. Anyone else buried along with us poor souls? Anyone else as SICK OF IT AS WE ARE? UGH.

Apropos of nothing, I’m also COMPLETELY obsessed with NBC’s Hannibal, which feeds my far older obsession with Mads Mikkelsen. So, here’s a pic of him as Dr. Johann Friedrich Struensee from the 2012 film A Royal Affair. Yes, I know that the movie takes place in the 18th century. I don’t care. Because Mads. Because Mads in period clothing. Because ponytails. Because I can.