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There is nothing new under the sun, is there, readers?  While watching the Oscars this weekend, I couldn’t help but feel that I had seen this before.  This clothing, that is.  Not exactly of course, but it wasn’t too hard to find a few examples of this year’s Oscar nominees imitating famous Victorian imagery.  So I ask you, who wore it best?

First up is Anne Hathaway and her after-party black and white get-up. Did she wear it better or did everyone’s favorite Victorian flower-monger Eliza Doolittle?  My money is on Eliza with this one.  If you’re gonna go there, you gotta go all the way there.  And put on a giant hat before you leave to go there.  Plus a parasol, which you might need while you are there.



Next, who wore this lovely winter-white slouch-shouldered top better, Meryl Streep, or Rossetti’s Lady Lilith? I think Meryl wins this match-up because I think Meryl generally wins everything.  Except an Oscar this year, I guess.  Plus, Lady Lilith kind of has a man-face.

lady lilith2

lady lilith rossetti

How about this lovely shade of bright red? Did Jennifer Lawrence top The Lady of Shalott in John William Waterhouse’s painting or not?  More importantly, would The Lady of Shalott have tripped on her dress?  This is a toughie – I think J-Law looks fantastic, but you gotta give it up for Shalott’s mutton-sleeves.  Let’s call this one a tie.



And finally, whose austere and lacy black frock is more fetching? Julia’s or Jennie Jerome’s, the mother of Winston Churchill?  Ugh, this one goes to Mama Churchill, 100%.  I don’t care for Julia’s funeral home ensemble at all.



And finally, the best group pic of all time?



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