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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a prop from Phryne Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (I am ADDICTED to that show now): this is an actual 19th century ring pistol.

The item description is as follows: “Manufactured circa 1870. Made for use by ladies, this ring gun was designed to fit on the small finger. This is a pinfire ring revolver which measures 1 3/8″ in total length. It has a 5/16”, six round smooth bore cylinder,  approximately .06 caliber pinfire operating on the pepperbox principle without a barrel. There is a tiny hammer cocked by the fingernail and then the trigger is pushed inward to fire. The ring portion is German silver and marked “FEMME FATALE” and engraved with a simple leaf pattern and the remaining parts are a bright niter blue. Complete in a blue leatherette case with a gold embossed wire border around the outer edge of the lid, a German silver inlay marked “FEMME / FATALE” in the center and blue and purple satin and velvet lined interior French cut to accommodate the ring, a tiny screwdriver/wire brush and six pinfire rounds.”

Further pictures at this site.

All I can say is: I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED.