626ad8e85b4a07636135c94ef2bac51aCalling all Willem Dafoe fans – I’ve got a hottie for you!  Well, he’s a hottie for everyone, really.  This is Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.  He was an English poet, writer, and horse-breeder (HEATHER!) who lived from 1840-1922.  He was an anti-Imperialist who spent a lot of time in Egypt, the Middle East, and India.  He married Lord Byron’s granddaughter, Lady Anne Noel, but had numerous affairs, notably with Catherine “Skittles” Walter, a famous Victorian courtesan (she’s worth a post herself, btw – I’ll get on that next).  Wilfrid and Lady Anne brought the first Arabian horses to England, starting a horse farm called Crabbet Arabian Stud.  I think it’s clear that the horses weren’t the only studs at Crabbet Farm.