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Just yesterday, Taffy Brodesser-Akner posted a wonderful profile of one Tom Hiddleston in GQ. It’s extremely delightful, just like its subject, and is highly recommended reading (his enthusiasm about the Bolognese made me grin). Today also just so happens to be his actual birthday! If you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, you might be aware that we’re rather fond of this charming, dashing, sincere gentleman. I personally had the utter pleasure and delight of meeting him at Wizard World Philadelphia in 2016 and I still haven’t recovered from the encounter. He was incredibly kind, gracious, and endearing; so many people turned out to see him and he stayed late into the night to make sure everyone got their autographs and pictures. He also donated the entirety of his convention paycheck to charity.

(And, yes, since I know you all are wondering: he is, in fact, heart-stoppingly gorgeous in person. I’ve done a decent job thus far maintaining my composure in the presence of some of my favorite celebrities at conventions, but he’s enough to make even my steely hands shake.)

I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about him; I was crazy about him before but seeing his generosity, enthusiasm, and warmth in person cemented things for me for perpetuity.

So, to honor his 36th birthday, I give you an indulgent post filled with pictures of his beautiful self wearing Victorian period clothing. Let’s start with Crimson Peak, shall we?

Last year, Katherine and I held a tea party viewing of this lush movie. It was visually stunning, and not just because of this man (but let’s face it: he’s the jewel of the flick. The clothing, the house, and the always wonderful Doug Jones are the other jewels.).

Our beloved Hiddles stars as Thomas Sharpe,  a mysterious lord with mysterious intentions and a wonderfully Gothic fashion sense.

I mean, gracious:


And he looks so wonderful in hats:


He knows how to make an entrance:


And how to dance:


Oh, and, uh, how to do other things too:


All I’d want to ask him is:


Is this even really a question?

He also starred in a few other Victorian-era pieces, notably The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby in 2001 (which was his VERY FIRST MOVIE and also features my fave James D’Arcy as the titular character). Here we get to see him looking very concerned and snooty while wearing top hats and ascots:


Terribly concerned, chaps.

In 2008, he starred in Miss Austen Regrets, a TV movie. Katherine and I immediately decided that this is going in our Netflix queue. A movie about Jane Austen featuring Hiddles and Lord Grantham??


This face is absurd. I don’t know what to do with myself.

And suddenly:



And, of course, the TV series Cranford in 2009:


*throws hands up in despair*

I imagine that most of these wardrobe/costume designers must have a field day dressing him:


I don’t know what is going on here but it’s adorable:


He butters us up with his charm and good looks and then fells us with the killing blow:


Yes, Tom. We do too. Happy Birthday, you wondrous man, you. You’ve truly won our hearts.