Heather wrote a lovely post about our favorite Founding Foodie Thomas Jefferson a few years ago.  We’ve talked a lot about how amazing Mr. Jefferson was and how much we both admire him.  Somehow, I’ve managed to find a NEW reason to love Mr. Jefferson.  Thanks to him, there is always something on the kids’ menu my two-year-old daughter will eat.  Thank you, T.J., for macaroni and cheese!

Great Big Story Mac and Cheese

The linked video says that President Jefferson even served mac and cheese at a State dinner.  I love that idea!  I wanted to have BBQ at my wedding but thought maybe people would think it wasn’t “classy” enough.  But mac and cheese at a State dinner?  That’s another level.  Thank you, TJ!  As the video said, “Every time you reach for your favorite guilty pleasure cranky-child-placating-device, say a little thank you to Thomas Jefferson.”