After our lengthy hiatus, we are long overdue for some Victorian hotties.  I know I owe you all, like, 125 weeks worth of hotties, so this week I bring you not one, not two, but…well, several.  Behold, the professorial staff (or some subset thereof) at Tuskegee Institute, circa 1902.  I found this while reading about George Washington Carver on Wikipedia earlier today.  He’s front row, center.


Yeah, I’m into most of the front row.  Far left and far right, I request your private tutelage.  Front row, second from left, I will be at your office hours every day.  I kind of can’t stop staring at Mr. Far Right.  The cheekbones! That smirk!  This is me in his class.


Can anyone identify any of the other men in this picture besides Carver?  Wikipedia didn’t have any links or references for anyone else in the photo.  I need names!

Happy Friday, everyone!