“They have been eating muffins.  That looks like repentance.”                                    ~ Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

Welcome to The Victorianachronists, a place where history, culture, and silliness meet.  We two suffragettes, scientists, swordswomen, and scintillating scribes will discuss the finer points of tea time, of etiquette regarding letters and correspondence, of Victorian accessories and antiquities, of fashion and beauty and snippets of poetry, bits of theatre and music, and insights, discussion, and analysis of the great literary works of the time.

We’ll also be posting some of the silliest stuff you’ve ever seen. You’ll spot us at crucial historical events, daquerrotypebombing some poor unsuspecting soul.  We’ll pit gent against gent, gent against dame, dame against dame in an elimination bracket for guts and glory.  We’ll spend a day married to some of the most famous literary figures of the time, for better or for worse, and we’ll show you a gallery of hotties so good looking that you’ll have to loosen your corset.

We aspire to be both informative and ridiculous in turn.  As Wilde once said, “All art is at once surface and symbol” and we can happily promise you plenty of both in this blog. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter @TheVickyAs for blog updates and extra content and tidbits.  Come join us lovers of things past for tea, history, and a bit of fun. Cheers!

Come to me in the silence of the night;
Come in the speaking silence of a dream;
Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright
As sunlight on a stream;
Come back in tears,
O memory, hope and love of finished years. ~ Christina Rossetti, Echo

14 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love what you’re doing here so I nominated you for A very inspiring blogger award! 🙂


  2. I’m a fan of your history and your humor, ladies! Thanks for keeping me up to date on all things Victorian. 😉

    I nominated your blog for the Sisterhood of the World award. If you’d like to read more about it, you can check out the nomination here: http://craftycooknook.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/high-fives-for-the-sisterhood-of-the-world-blog-award/


  3. Ooo, clinching the About w/ Christina Rossetti, I’m in!

  4. I am simply taken with your blog. And I have the same Little Mermaid mug from way back when, so may I compliment you on your fine taste in china.

    • Ha, that is great! I have had that mug for years, and I don’t even remember where it came from. So glad you enjoy the blog! Thank you for reading.

  5. Hello again, ladies! I have nominated you for (another) Very Inspiring Blog Award; top o’ my list, you are!

  6. quaeroderosh said:

    Greetings, my fair ladies. My sister and I have just recently commenced the writing of a blog dealing strongly with the Victorian Era. Being that we just started, I would not ask for advertisement on your page, however, I would ask that you check the page out (http://victorianlibrary.wordpress.com/) (the about page explains it all) and consider following it. Thank you for your wonderful and entertaining posts!

  7. I was following you before reading the second paragraph…

  8. homedreamer07 said:

    *drooling* ok, this blog makes me very happy! Great job, ladies. Or perhaps I should say dames.

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