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As you might have noticed by our blog header, we here at the Vicky A’s are head over heels (ahem) for hats and are determined that they should not go out of fashion.  One of my favorite places for hat ogling and/or buying is the Victorian Trading Company.  They carry everything from more affordable hat options to the truly and magnificently outrageous, both in style and price (I’ve added links where I can; do go visit their website and drool).

Here we have a lovely example of a cloche (“bell” in French, hence the shape) hat.  We both own a hat or two in this style and love how it frames the face demurely but also adds an air of quiet mystery. I particularly love this deep shade of green.

On the other side of the millinery spectrum, you’ll find the wide-brimmed hats (which are some of my favorites).  Want to make an entrance? Try this one on for size (I have angsted over buying this hat for years).

Also, this hat. Knowing myself, however, I feel that instead of looking alluring and mysterious, I’d just walk into walls attempting to see through the hat mesh.

What’s that you say? “But Heather, I wan’t BIGGER.”  Sure, we can make that happen.

I personally prefer full hats to Fascinators but they can be charming and whimsical as well (and many showed up to the Royal Wedding!).

Also, hatpins!! I’m not sure the modern woman would actually need them to wear most of the hats on display, but they sure are beautiful.  If you did have an issue keeping your hat on your head, weave these between your hair and the hat itself to keep your work of art fixed to your head. I particularly like #7, “Polly”, although I am sure I would draw blood the first time I used any one of these.

As an equestrienne myself (is that a word? I’m making that a word), this hat may also wind up on a hatstand of mine someday.

Ostentatious.  Outrageous. I have to have it someday.

Also, look at this brilliant thing.

I’ll take seven.

Any favorite hat shops for you all? Styles of hat you enjoy or don’t? Tell us in the comments!