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I love surfing the internet and finding all sorts of WTFery. Case in point, this article about headless photography. It appears that as much as we adore Photoshopping Robert Downey Jr’s head onto cats (I shouldn’t have to tell you that it’s worth the click), the Victorians enjoyed their own sort of novelty illusions. Apparently, one could create such an effect through layering of multiple negatives or selective use of blocking or double exposure to create the desired effect. I have no idea why this seems to have been a popular thing to do, but holding ones own head in hand (or on a plate, or putting it on a baby or uh…) became something of an ancient meme.

I appreciate the Headless Horseman quality of this one from around 1875. Katherine and I would totally put this on our invites for our annual Halloween party.

This reminded me of this sketch from The Young Ones (please tell me that there are still those who remember the Young Ones!) where the headless ghosts come round (serious hilarity starts at the :30 mark).

This is some Children of the Corn business here. I might be legit freaked out by this one. The dead eyes on “Mom” and the neck bone are particularly choice.

This guy, however, I love. Cheers, mate! But the true winner is…


Credit: Coll. Michael G. Jacob


As the gesture in the portrait indicates, Q.E.D. *mic drop*